Re: [DIYbio] electrophoresis... path length design strategies (was: Paper electrophoresis... . . .)

Is the water level above the top glass slide? If so you're using a ton
more current than needed. The olde-tyme drawings of paper
electrophoresis setups were triangular, with two separate buffer tanks
connected only by the wet paper:

On Thu, Jan 31, 2013 at 6:40 PM, Dakota Hamill <> wrote:
> Re-doing the experiment but with coffee filter paper, and a real gel box,
> and a real power supply. As you can tell from the first picture, the chem
> filter paper I have allows the dye to disperse way too fast, as it should,
> since it's supposed to let solvents pass through it quickly. Sebastian
> seemed to have decent sounding results using the brown coffee filter paper,
> so we'll see how it works with the dyes.
> I tried to reduce pouring turbulence too much when pouring in the buffer
> but, was unavoidable when the solvent front rushed through the slide
> sandwhiches. Running at 120V 100mA or there abouts.
> There is already noticeable migration of one of the components of the
> markers to one direction---anyone fancy a guess? You'll win the Marker
> Migration badge of honor.

From what I've been reading today, this might depend on the pH, so
what's your buffer???


> I'll try to post a video later if you want to experience the most intense
> marker dye coffee filter electrophoresis you've ever seen. Blow your mind
> if it was in 3D.



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