Re: [DIYbio] Re: Dremelfuge, the one-piece low-cost centrifuge

IIRC you'd need to input the diameter of the tube just under the lip, and the additional mms added by the lip. Honestly I wouldn't recommend an open ended design for pcr tubes though, they are so small that errors in printing due to dodgy skeining or alignment could easily lead to ejection.

Possibly if you make the rim thickness big enough it'll enclose the tubes entirely, I don't recall offhand how closely the cutouts matched the shape of a tube. Play around in openscad I guess!

Nathan McCorkle <> wrote:
On Thu, Jan 31, 2013 at 12:30 PM, Larry James <> wrote:
thats smart,


thought would have to modify & print up a custom one for different sizes.

sometimes I wonder ;)

Well being that I don't have any tubes now, it is probably cheaper to
just modify the design and print different sized heads.

Cathal, would I just have to change the diameter of the hole?

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