[DIYbio] Building a Biohackspace in Munich at TECHFEST Hackathon - Free travel and free tickets

Hi everyone, 

we are organising Munich's first Biohackathon at this year's TECHFEST

Happening in 2 weeks from now on Friday, 9.9.2016 until Sunday 11.9.2016, you are happily invited to automate the hell out of our lab equipment!

Everyone from Europe is invited, there is free Flixbus travelling, food and accommodation in a tent, just bring your sleeping bag and mat to camp. 

There will be 300+ engineers, designers, coders and of course biologists hacking 4 different topics - and ours is the SMART AUTOMATION CHALLENGE. 

We are the guys from bioflux.euopentrons.com and synbio.info, and you can hack our machines and automate the handling of various liquids and solids. Thanks to generous funding by AstraZeneca, there is pretty much everything you can imagine to play with from liquid handling robots, AR, VR to drones, DJs, Lego, Arduinos and of course, everything you can find a lab. Here is our working document, where we add all hackable items of our new lab. For the winners of the hackathon, there are prices worth € 30.000 in total!

Interested? Make sure you apply by next Tuesday 30.8. on www.techfestmunich.com, there are only very few spaces left. 

If you do so, please also reply to this post or send us a message, so we can make sure that you will be accepted. 

Looking forward to see you folks and best regards from Berlin and Munich,

Rüdiger Trojok & Jérôme Lutz

PS: After the TECHFEST, we will install a permanent Biohackspace at the TU Munich's Entrepreneurship Centre UnternehmerTUM, who would like to join us?  

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