Re: [DIYbio] What are you working on?

A couple projects on the burner at the moment:

True Blue Rose - working at the School of Visual Arts in NYC with genes from a tropical clam to express a brilliant blue protein in white rose using petal promoters of other rosid family organisms. 

Bacterial Metabolism Paper for PLoS - working for a year now in my home lab on a research paper we (me and my research buddy) plan to submit to the public library of science for review and hopeful publication. Using a nifty DIY turbidity meter we found some interesting new data never before seen in EColi and we wish to investigate this phenomenon as a function of media. Device will be open source and we will be working with charter schools (middle and high school) to develop open ended curricula using our devices so students can have a chance to conduct actual research and be given DOI numbers as a means of attribution to said work. We formed an education non-profit company, Binomica Labs, to push this idea further. 

Open Oxalis Project - a crowd sourced genome sequencing attempt using the cosmopolitan weed Oxalis stricta. Each biohacker and/or bio-hackerspace would isolate the chloroplast DNA from this plant using simple chemicals, then barcoding primers are run at various expected sites along the chloroplast genome and the resulting sequences are saved to a GitHub account. Then the next hacker would use the data generated from the pilot run to design primers and continue "walking" the genome until the entire 150kbp plastome is sequenced at least 10x. It would allow hackerspaces to educate folks on the entire process of DNA barcoding using a tried and true, albeit slow and hands-on method of Sanger sequencing. Potentially the worlds first entirely crowdsourced plant genome. 

A couple other side side projects but these are top priority.

Sebastian S. Cocioba
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On Aug 17, 2016, at 9:54 PM, Michael Flynn <> wrote:

I read a lot of the topics on this board, a lot of questions of how to do this, how to fix that. I was wondering what everyone was trying to do with these cool DIYBio projects. So what are you working on?

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