Re: [DIYbio] Re: A hypothetical protocol for DIYBIO DNA synthesis

On Sat, Sep 17, 2016 at 11:08 AM, Kent Kemmish <> wrote:
> Hey Nathan,
> I've already built such a prototype (what you call "a strainer" I call "a demonpore array") if you want to talk about it? PM me.
> It took a year and half and involves a lot of stuff that's not obvious starting out. For boundary pushers I'd like to share it.
> -Kent

Hi Kent,
I've already got one of the SiMpore strainers, so I think I have
things under control on that front for now. I had some questions a
while ago about your tech, but it seemed like the device was still too
large to integrate onto another wafer-scale device.

Recently I met with a guy who has been in biotech-related
semiconductor gadgetry for more than 15 years, working on a lot of DNA
sequencing related tech and biosensors. He was more cautionary of
trying to work with single/low-count molecules than any specific
technique I talked with him about. This guy also mentioned some stuff
about efficiency of an enzyme polymerization, but I didn't have enough
time to really dive into exactly what his reasoning was. I think he
might have been too distracted to think about my scheme because I was
talking about low-count molecules. Overall that conversation was just
kind of confusing... on the one hand there is a lot of (hard) academic
work on single molecule manipulation and handling, but then there is
this other faction that seems to just shy away from non-bulk

I am still trying to ingest what math CodeWarrior was talking about...
it still seems to be indicative of a bulk-reaction... while I feel
like the scheme I proposed would chop up any sort of efficiency
equations into a piecewise function, if you had to describe it

Latest work I've done on this project has been related to CAD...
almost at the point of being able to produce g-code or a FIB raster
file from 3D models... I've got simplistic model for a microfluidic
peristaltic pump... so now I really just need to pull the pieces
together and get to manufacture something (aiming to make a simple
'Hello DIYbio' using pumped colored water).

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