Re: [DIYbio] DIY movement is being hijacked

Hi Pieter,

I don't see the libertarian interpretation of DIY (as in "Quit your
whining and fucking Do It Yourself, you freeloading crybaby") as
anything new.
The BioStrike project more or less fits the mold of crowdfunded science,
and crowdfunding of science, both traditional and non-traditional, has
always carried the possibility that it could be used to justify even
further cuts to public science funding (without also cutting taxes or
making donations to crowdfunded science projects tax-deductible, of
course, because d'uh).
Maybe all of this takes on a new edge with the political developments of
the last few years. Maybe not. What I'm saying is: I'm not sure I
understand why it became important to you to bring this up right at this
moment, but I agree in principle.

> I've got the feeling that the pretty DIYBio
> code-of-ethics is not going to cut it in the big picture.

True that. However:

> Anyone interested in joining a more explicit statement on the
> indispensable necessity of collaborations, open attitude and reciprocity
> in the DIY movement?

So your solution is to replace a useless declaration with a bigger and
better useless declaration?

I think the saying "We make the path by walking it" fits beautifully
here. I'm game if you want to discuss how exactly to go about that, or
whether there's a better way to do it.


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