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Though some bacteria and yeast have specific media requirements many bacteria and yeast only need sugar and a nitrogen source. Some bacteria like E. coli also like salt and it is a good selective media but you can literally put sugar and some weight lifter protein, ammonium chloride which is supppper cheap(use tap water not distilled as tap water has other good stuff Ca, Mg, &c) and the bacteria or yeast will grow.

As Patrik said LB is cheaappp. The ODIN sells 100g for $12(https://www.the-odin.com/lb-powdered-media/)! Enough for 5L, which should last a biohacker a fair bit of time, especially if you are growing stuff in 10mL - 50mL increments.

Josiah Zayner

On Friday, February 3, 2017 at 1:54:18 PM UTC-8, Willian Barela Costa wrote:
As everybody knows LB medium is the most common liquid media for culturing bacteria. For a biohacker is important to have in garage this medium for severeal experiences. 
Actually I have bioluminescent bacterias E.coli modified and I'm tring to think how produce LB medium at low cost.

Let's try hack - Formula: 

10g Trytone
5 g yeast extract
10g NaCl

Yeast extract and NaCl is cheap at the market, but the Trytone isn't. Thinking how produce trytone, basically is the use of a protease the trypsin in the casein. The casein is easy to obtein from milk, but the trypsin is the problem. Trypsin is usually found in digestive system of many vertebrates, for some sellers, they produce in E.Coli mofied and anothers extracted from herb (I don't know which herbs). Other form to approach this problem is to replace Trytone for other ingredient, I think to use products like Whey protein or use the own casein and pray to bacteria degrade.

Someone could help me to think in another solution or insight ?

ty for everybody pay attetion in this problem

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