[DIYbio] Re: Preferred cheap countertop surface?

I use a plastic table with a large piece of plexiglass taped on top of it. The plexiglass is easy to clean and I can write on it with sharpies (and then erase with ethanol I use for sterilization). It works for me, and is pretty cheap, but I would much rather have a nice granite workbench. 


On Thursday, February 23, 2017 at 2:28:08 PM UTC-8, Nathan McCorkle wrote:
I am building a small workbench to compliment my second-kitchen
countertop that is a bit smaller than I need.

I tried finding some granite or other polished rock surfaces, but they
were asking $20-$50 per square foot. I'm wondering if a finish-grade
plywood with floor polyurethane would be OK for a few months/years of
casual use.

Obviously it sucks for fire prevention (if a bunsen burner fell over,
or an alcohol lamp), as well it seems less resistant to solvents and
strong chemicals, not that I'd care if it got ugly... but it might
change the hardness and be i.e. forever sticky and messy. My main
concern is microabrasions and being harder to sterilize. I think
flooring polyurethane will probably hold up pretty well to most
equipment and labware, except maybe my metal ring-stand. I'd guess I
might see some (micro) scratching even after dragging a dusty
cardboard box across the surface, due to the rocky components of dust
(at least my garage's dust). I'd bet bleach/alcohol/lysol would be
able to combat this for only so long.

I've also considered a few pieces of large/very-large non-porous
tile... but the grout joints concern me, though I imagine I might be
able to seal them somehow and they'd be much more fire-proof, but
still would be prone to scratching since the sealant would probably be
polyurethane or epoxy.

Am I overthinking it? What have other people found

I'm going to scan craigslist again for some cheap granite too.


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