Re: [DIYbio] DIY movement is being hijacked

Hi Pieter,

I also would like to encourage you to come up with examples or situations that led to think you that the DIY philosophy is beign hijacked.
I think this conversation would benefit from that.

In general, even if the movement is known as DIY, it is probably better described as "Do It Together".
In addition to the comments above, I don't think that there is a moral obligation in helping the other DIYers. However, if you see DIY as a movement, and you feel part of a community, then you will and must contribute by sharing your knowledge, otherwise you are not part of the movement/community.

Even though this hijacking threat is new to me, I would welcome a discussion to work together on definitions and directions. If, as a community, we would speak with a single voice, we might gain more control over our narrative.

On Tuesday, 31 January 2017 18:59:57 UTC+1, Pieter Waag wrote:
I agree with you Lisa that we probably all much rather take the pragmatic approach and just keep doing what were already doing (creating open knowledhe and tools), but I am worried that the-path-in-the-making all of a sudden gets surrounded by the wrong crowd and supporters that don't see or deliberately ignore where it's heading.

Most DIYers start their projects just for fun, not interested in the political aspects. But what fun is it really once you find out that others steal your thunder and interpret the innocent label of f.e. "local produced" as a political statement instead of a eco-friendly indicator? Don't you agree?

Another teethless code of conduct is not what we need. Instead I am looking for more tangible actions.

I am now thinking of describing clearly how the DIY movement benefits from sharing and collaborations. Practical case studies, not in terms of ideological principles. Examples of how appropriation of biotechnologies that enabled a much bigger group of people from benefitting, like how the ODIN shop provides access to CRISPR kits that would otherwise be difficult to get. A few more examples would make the trajectory much more tangible.

Please make more suggestions in case you agree.

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