Re: [DIYbio] DIY movement is being hijacked

Hi Nathan,

Apologies it was getting hard to track all the responses. I posted this to a similar request on Facebook:

"First of all the statement is about raising the level of awareness on the similarities in language and metaphors. Second, it has become clear that the Maker Movement is becoming more and more political. For example on the meta level, in the US there's the Congressional Maker Caucus you can read a statement by Rep. Taken here Also, in 2016 I participated in the European Maker Week event at the EU parliament, while the website has a statement on DIWO and a "think global, act local" attitude, the member of parliament speaking at the event had a much more conservative vision: makers lead to innovation, to EU startups, to more EU jobs, to a more competitive economy, etc.
Apart from that there are numerous encounters that we have when we go out and present our work, and especially when talking to people that are completely new to concept of Makers and DIY we start to notice a different bias towards terms like "self-sufficiency", "local produced", etc. So if we keep using the same language we have a choice: ignore the current political interpretation of our terminology and run the risk of becoming an advocate of our own antagonist or becoming much more explicit about our values and what we stand for."

On Wednesday, February 8, 2017 at 7:36:16 PM UTC+1, Nathan McCorkle wrote:
On Tue, Jan 31, 2017 at 3:34 PM, Nathan McCorkle <> wrote:
> Can you provide an example of what general narrative
> you're talking about, and who is pushing it, who is following it, etc?

Pieter, can you respond to this? I still don't understand.


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