[DIYbio] EU DIYBio beyond hope, hype and horror - revisited

Do you remember the article "European do-it-yourself (DIY) biology: beyond hope, hype and horror" from early 2014? http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/bies.201300149/full

"We found that all groups are driven by a core leadership of (semi-)professional people who struggle with finding lab space and equipment. Regulations on genetic modification limit what groups can do. Differences between Europe and the US are found in the distinct regulatory environments and the European emphasis on bio-art. We conclude that DIYBio Europe has so far been a responsible and transparent citizen science movement with a solid user base that will continue to grow irrespective of media attention."

For the next episode of the #OPENBIOTECH youtube series I met with co-author Günter Seyfried to discuss the most remarkable differences between now and the situation some years ago.

The conclusion that DIYBio is here to stay still holds, and it is interesting to analyse what has changed. At the time Cathal was the only with a GMO permit for his lab, now there are more but not many. The groups have developed into several different directions, resembling hacker spaces, co-working spaces or are part of larger institutions. The movement has functioned as a test-bed for startups. Collaborations with companies have also occurred (f.e. BiologiGaragen - Novozymes, La Paillasse - Roche).

Günter and I also discussed the influence of governmental support in the growth of DIYBio activities. To what extend has that made a difference?

In the same vlog you can also see a meetup with two Belgium biohackers in Brussels, with their own opinions and expectations.

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