[DIYbio] Re: How big is the DIYBio community? #OPENBIOTECH vlog series

I feel that this number is not real. For example, a local research center has 1.000 people working on biology stuff. Just 2 of them are related to diybio. 
Those 5.000 are like "facebook friends" or are more like "real friends"?

50 or 100 active members per group? No way man xD but, believe me, I really would like it. Counting 10 it's generous, but it depends on the groups. 

So, how I would approach this problem? Let's start counting groups perfoming workshops or whatever, but they must be active and do real things (meetups to talk about science don't count, sorry). You may guess that those groups are formed by 3-4 active people (which is the usual core number in any kind of organization). You can do a simple poll asking the group of reference and what do they do, at a personal level, related to DIYBio scene. In fact, I feel we need more real data if we want to approach to EU to get grants or a coherent legislation. 

Should we start a real market research about DIYBio? The only real data available is from ¿2007? I can check if anyone is interested

El jueves, 2 de marzo de 2017, 17:47:50 (UTC+1), Pieter Waag escribió:
We just published the third episode of our #OPENBIOTECH vlog series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpVp9YH8Znc

This time I am trying to do a sensible estimate of the size of the DIYBio community. I really wonder what your best estimate would be. 

There are nearly 6000 people on this mailing list, but are these really all active DIYBiologists? The mailing list of our lab in Amsterdam alone already contains over 1000 people, so I guess that's not a great way to make an estimate.

On the "local" lab page of the diybio.org site there are about 100 labs listed. Does every lab have at least 10, 50 or perhaps 100 active members?

And how about the DIY neuro/brain, (animal) breeders, nutrition/foodhackers, grinders/bodyhackers (just check #biohacking on instagram)? Do you think these should be considered as part of the DIYBio movement as well? The vlog also contains an interview with Christine Marizzi of the DNA Barcoding project. In think it is fair to include their participants as well. Do you agree?

For the vlog I assumed it was safe to say there are about 5,000 people in Europe involved in this scene. That's my best guess for now. 500 feels like a too small number to me, while 50,000 is way too much. So I suppose the order of magnitude is right. 

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