Re: [DIYbio] Will gloves from sandbox cabinet fit to the biosafety class III box?

On 04/01/2017 05:05 AM, Dorif wrote:
> And will it be effective without air circulation at all (just closed box? Air hood is heavily damaged

For making a small "clean-room" work area, it is the flow that isolates things, so moving air is necessary. When air is moving in
a designed flow bench,
1. the dirt particles are pulled to the filter,
2. the moving fan is behind/on-the-dirty-side-of the filter and baffles prevent turbulence from reaching the filter surface,
3. filtered air exits the work area with low turbulence,
4. returning most of the air exiting the work area to be pulled through again is better than drawing in only new room air
if the room is ordinary cleanliness,
5. pressure inside the work area is positive relative to the room.

Because of the above causes, the effect is a small tendency of particles lodged on filter to come loose, and
a large tendency of floating particles to become lodged on filter -- if not the first pass through, then the next passes.
vibration and bumping shocks to the cabinet need to be avoided for clean-room-like results.

So any kind of redesign needs to have the above statements be true/positive for every piece of the design. With no fan or flow,
only 3. would be true and the rest false...

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