[DIYbio] Re: Biomedical Engineering or Computer Science Engineering

Tell the voice in your head to shut up, a lot of people that are less intelligent than you have done it already ;) 

It may seem scary at the beginning, but there's a system behind it. And once you see the matrix behind the things, everything makes sense and you know what you need to look up when you get there. 
There will be lab exercises, it's not just theory? 

Me personally, I have had occasions where I wouldn't understand something in detail in a lecture, specifically in no-biotech subjects. But then you either do it in the lab - or just google around connected areas and applications and downstream processes and everything makes sense and the theory is stuck in your head. I never liked learning a row of words in the correct order, I would need to see what the purpose of  "Process X" is and how I can use it, to incentivize my brain to store the info

On Wednesday, May 24, 2017 at 12:13:15 AM UTC+2, Ayush Mahajan wrote:
Yes, I already know how to code, reverse engineer and rest of the stuff which a computer engineer can do, the thing is I want to take BioTechnology for my undergrad but I'm scared because I've never been good with the theory part.I'm interested in coding genome, hacking the wetware and everything Biohacker could do but every time I think about Biotech a voice whispers me in my head saying "Would you be able to do it ?" 

On Sunday, May 21, 2017 at 1:32:38 AM UTC+5:30, Ayush Mahajan wrote:
I've to choose a course now but I'm way too confused between BME and CSE? I'm excellent in coding but I'm interested to learn about this field. My only question is how difficult is it going to be for newbie to start studying about BME and is it a good idea? 

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