Looking for Software Engineer (.Net , Azure, Power BI) , WA



Software Engineer (.Net , Azure, Power BI)


Redmond WA


Note : Need Local Candidates only


Job Description:

1.     Develop a .NET Core app and deploy it as a Azure Service

2.     This app will read log-style data from one database (in Azure, e.g., Document DB), process that data per rules that we provide, and store the processed results in a second database (in Azure)

a.     Data in the first database will be in the form of specific events, i.e., event-ID along with certain number of values specific to the type of event. Each event will also have a timestamp and a user-ID

b.     The .NET Core app running as a Service will need to calculate things like statistics from these events, and store those in a second database.

3.     Develop a Power BI dashboard to visualize & display the data stored in the second database

4.     Develop a WPF application to run on the PC to query and display specific information in the second database (e.g., information specific to a user-ID)


Experience needed:

·         .NET Core

·         Azure services

·         Document DB, Azure Tables, and SQL

·         Power BI

·         Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) app development, to query and display data stored in Azure




Thanks and Best Regards,


Praveen Kumar

SRI Tech Solutions Inc.


(T) 1-813-423-6500 X Ext: 149 (M) 248-462 -7719 (F) 813.423.6520


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