Re: [DIYbio] Biomedical Engineering or Computer Science Engineering

On 05/20/2017 02:13 PM, Ayush Mahajan wrote:
> I'm way too confused between BME and CSE? I'm excellent in coding but I'm interested to learn about this field.

If you like biomedical, I'm with Mega -- go for broad education -- coding is really just a tool, not an end in itself. I really
enjoyed taking some biomedical engrg courses at UT. A college friend who is now a "lung man" was jealous when I told him of a lab
course I didwhere the TA implanted sensors in a live dog to do a test. If you're interested, go for what you don't know enough of
but have fire for.

I'm just now taking apart, doing a "tear down", of a diagnostic test device used on blood. Biomed devices have a nifty
combination of marketing flair in their housings, and practical stuff inside like flat flex cables, and plastic light guides
and buttons and displays etc.

If you see yourself designing machines and already are good at code, do a biomed degree with an electrical engineering degree
in parallel so you can design circuits that get experiments done for research, or tests done for bio lab or med clinic lab work.

That weird silicon valley blood test company Theranos didn't quite get their automated diagnostics miniature and auto enough
to take over the market, so there's still time for you!

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