[DIYbio] Re: 200$ Real-Time PCR Thermocycler

Thank you for sharing your opinions.

@ Marc and Winnie: YES, our aim is to make it open-source. This is the only way to make science available to who has passion.

@ Marco and Nathan: it depends. There are several applications in which you just want to know whether there is presence of what you are looking for. 
In that case, if you could also avoid electrophoresys, it would save your time and your resources. 
Moreover, we are validating an alternative detection method that does not require fluorescent molecules nor UV.
About that, I keep the secret just because we want to be 99% sure of the effectiveness in the first place.

Full speed ahead!

Il giorno martedì 4 luglio 2017 23:13:59 UTC+2, Gabriele Borelli ha scritto:
Dear DIYbio users,

my name is Gabriele Borelli, I am a 25 years old passionate and crazy electronic engineer.
I am developing an easy-to-use real-time PCR thermocycler with four collegues.
Now that we have our first product, we would like to ask feedback to the greatest biohackers community in the world.

Here some features of the thermocycler:

- Easy-to-use and controllable through and App for smartphone and tablet.
- Real-time detection on your samples.
- 96 well.
- Not quantitatively accurate as the top-notch Roche thermocycler, but more than enough precise to reliably discriminate between "DNA has been amplified" and "DNA has NOT been amplified"
- SYBR green is not necessary.
- Price: 200$ App included.

Would you buy a thermocycler with the previous features?

We want to bring to everybody who has interest and passion in studying biology the instruments to do that. 
We had this chance in electronics, why should not Biohackers have it?

Thanks you in advance for sharing your opinion, it has a high value!



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