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Privacy is the right to disclose. If you have no option to *not* disclose, then you don't have that right anymore.

You choose to disclose, so you are exercising that right: good for you, that's your choice.

But, I would not choose to disclose my DNA to the world. Not only for me, but for the many others who share parts of my DNA. Bioethics is hard!

This is why private-by-default is the only way to guarantee our rights. And the EU GDPR will, I hope, make big strides toward that end in European personal genetics.

On 9 July 2017 23:54:50 GMT+01:00, James Clement <> wrote:
Just curious why you require privacy? I've had my whole genome sequenced three times. I was on the Board of Knome and had it done for the first time back in 2009. I'm a public member of Harvard's Public Genome Project and OpenHumans, which I think are great ways to share your data with medical researchers. I've publicly "outed" myself and have as part of my various public profiles the following:

I am Personal Genome Project participant #145, and my PGP ID is hu82E689. If you're interested, you can download my genome, SNPs, etc. data at Additional public data is available about me here: If you discover anything interesting using this data, please let me know.

Most recently (December, 2016), I had my whole genome sequenced by Veritas Genetics for $1,000. They''re using the new Illumina HiSeq 10x, which is producing very good data. Expect about 6 months from the day you provide a sample (I prefer blood to saliva, since you don't have to deal with computationally discovering and deleting the bacterial DNA that would be in the saliva).

If you're just looking for genealogical and health data, for $199 you can have 23andMe sequence just a small portion of your genome and then download that data and run it on 23andMe has a good ancestry section to their online reports.

Good luck,

On Saturday, July 8, 2017 at 3:02:02 AM UTC-7, Mary Ward wrote:
Hi Folks,

I want to sequence my genome, but I want to keep the information confidential. I am interested in learning about some gene markers associated with health and genealogy.

I would like to do this without making the bizzilion primers to do this on a hacker scale, but I am not opposed if there is a primer library for me to reference.



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