[DIYbio] Re: Announcing DIYbiosphere -- connecting DIYbio activities worldwide

Dear Jason,
thanks for your continuous efforts to moderate and promote this community! The website looks very helpful and i like its clear and minimalistic design. Really appreciate it.

Am Samstag, 17. März 2018 15:05:24 UTC+1 schrieb Jason Bobe:

With significant growth in activities globally, our /local page has strained to keep up and simply is not a great representation of the the larger community. So we're happy to unveil this alpha system at sphere.diybio.org. You can get involved in shaping it.

Our aim with DIYbiosphere is to make it easier for the community to share structured information about projects and organizations. It's a venue for community members to help raise awareness about opportunities to get involved in various activities and to provide those activities with context across the larger movement.

By adopting Github as the backend platform and using simple markdown-based entries, we hope this approach is a convenient way for members of the community to collaborate on the development of this shared information resource.

We hope you'll check out the site.  There you'll find information about:

  • community labs
  • projects
  • incubators
  • start-ups
  • networks
  • events
  • local groups
  • other (for the misfits)

Is your project or organization represented? If you feel something is missing or incorrect, we invite you to contribute! Social commentator Jenny Reardon has noted that we live in an era in which: "Nothing endures; all is 'in-formation.'"

As such, we'll need many hands to help shape the formation of this community over time!

And while it's a bit recursive, this project does have it's own project page on DIYbiosphere. 🙂


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