Re: [DIYbio] How Many People have sent samples to GED Match or something similar

They were able to match DNA from a saved copy of a rape kit that had been carefully saved away in a freezer from the unknown rapist/murderer against GEDmatch DNA identities ... which can be either anonymous or not when you post (as I have) but do include emails etc for contact. You can find relatives out to the 4th / 5th cousin level. Find enough of these and you can follow the pedigrees which many GEDmatchers also post. You may also get luckier and find siblings, children and first/second genetic cousins posted.
So far none of this requires a warrant, nor should it.

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On Apr 29, 2018, at 7:12 AM, Cathal Garvey <> wrote:

Is it legal to collect DNA evidence from a suspect without either a warrant or consent, in the US?

On 29 April 2018 10:52:17 GMT+01:00, Patrik D'haeseleer <> wrote:
Sounds like they used data that was explicitly publicly available on GEDmatch, used that to track down someone with a partial match to their DNA sample, identified male relatives of teh right age range who lived around Sacramento, and then got DNA off some chewing gum or a cigarette butt to confirm their culprit.

There's a good chance this was entirely legal, especially if they got the cooperation of the relative on GEDmatch. I'm sure we'll be hearing a LOT more about this in the coming weeks though...


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