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I have been looking at this. I'm thinking Tigon tubing, mineral oil, and stop leak powered aluminum radiator treatment for the metal particles. A small pump, HV source, and vioula liquid Van De Graaff  generator. There's technically no limit to the Voltage except leakage. The better you can control leakage, the higher the Voltage possible. Maybe instead of mineral oil, silicone oil. Then the challenge, where are you going to store those SuperHV charges? Whatever it is, it had better be inside a real good insulator. 

On Thursday, April 5, 2012 at 11:23:24 PM UTC-7, Jonathan Cline wrote:

On Monday, March 12, 2012 2:17:12 PM UTC-7, Mega wrote:
This http://mosfetkiller.de/?s=kaskaden
describes a cascade.

It's used for doubling, (depending on how much condensators u use...
*2 *4 *8 *16 ....) input voltage....

I posted my quick circuit layout for a voltage ladder (tripler) some time back.
Here's the link to the schematic, layout, and complete parts list for downloading.

HVPS for Systems Biology: A Low Cost, High Voltage Power Supply with Schematics + Board Layout


I used a european auto inverter (12VDC->220VAC) to feed mine, which yielded over 900V sustained, 1200V peak.  It is useful in certain situations, though there are limitations to this type of circuit.   Stay away from the leads when it is operational, and even for many minutes after powering it down (and even after forcibly discharging it).

I believe that MIT has students build these boards in certain EE lab classes.

I think it could be used for electroporation, however the plates would have to be precise gap width, and pulse duration would not be very predictable at all.   (Some papers suggest that pulse duration is not critical...)


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