[DIYbio] Re: extracting DNA from bacteria

thanks guys! A few people also sent me private messages recommending the colony PCR route as well, so colony PCR I shall try. 

Thanks! I have developed a odd relationship with these bacteria. They are just so cool. The Odin tutorial on e. coli transformed with pVIB said that they like cool and dark, so I left one of my cultures at room temp at my lab desk and another in the fridge wrapped in aluminum foil, and the later was brighter. I didn't know that they "officially" don't like light and it's definitely something interesting to experiment with. In terms of the squishy gel extraction method, where does the dna end up? The Odin kit came with the green dye 

avoiding the use of gels would help me keep the cost down haha but how do I go around confirming and cleaning out the DNA? Do the PCR clean up kit and hope there's something in there? It would be a bummer to send the result of a failed PCR reaction in for sequencing :(

Doh! a direct link from the page I was at... thanks for pointing it out. I think I'll take the opportunity to learn and practice lab skillz.

On Tuesday, August 30, 2016 at 12:26:53 AM UTC-4, Towa wrote:
hey guys! I was able to culture some bioluminescent bacteria from squid and I want to know what it is. My guess is that its V. Phosphoreum but to confirm, I want to extract it's DNA and try the 16S rRNA identification with primers from Odin (http://www.the-odin.com/bacterial-16s-rdna-primers-for-bacterial-identification/). Should I be able to get PCR-able DNA out with dish detergent and ethanol/isopropanol?  Any good protocols that are DIY friendly? 

on a side note, does anyone have either a) good DIY gel purification method or b) someone that will sell kits to ronin-hackers (do not belong to any institution)?

as always, thanks!

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