RE: [DIYbio] Re: Perth (Australia) Group

Hi Benedict, Philip, Leon and all other Perth based Outsider Biologists.

This Saturday the 3rd, 2pm at the Artifactory looks interesting.
Oron Catts, Christine, Ito and myself from SymbioticA UWA will be attending to check things out.

Looking forward to it.

Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2016 21:50:13 -0700
Subject: [DIYbio] Re: Perth (Australia) Group

Hey all,

Just a reminder that we've got a meeting at Artifactory this Saturday (3rd) at 2pm - all are welcome. Leon will be walking us through building a magnetic stirrer (I'll bring some liquid cultures to be stirred). I was hoping we'd get to use the laser cutter to create some equipment but I need to get some training and the acrylic we need is on order - we'll do it next time instead.

If anyone else has something they'd like to share, please bring it along.


On Friday, 12 August 2016 18:07:06 UTC+8, Philip Wijesinghe wrote:
Hi All,

Andrew - thanks for the kind words. Student engagement and the whole atmosphere seems to be more energetic at UWA than when I was an undegrad : I have high hopes for the new bioengineering and data science degrees, and all that will come with it. Thanks for taking the time to mentor and nurture us, really appreciated.

Steve - are you very active at the Arifactory? I'm asking because I'm really interested in checking out the space.

With biohack academy: there was the first organiser's conference call last Tuesday.
It will run from the 31st Jan 2017 for 10 weeks. Each week we would be expected to put in no less than 25 hours (2hrs lectures+2hrs discussion \ 5 hrs organisation \ 16 hours in a lab/makerspace) - this is the first hurdle.
The second hurdle is the costs. For recommended ~10 participants per 2 organisers, the costs are roughly $1k per head. $10k total. Not many people, especially students, have that kind of money, especially if they are giving up so much time.
I'm applying for funding from the UWA to cover most of the costs. I've started outlining a detailed budget estimate - I'll share it once it is done, and we'll see if there is space to trim.
Third is space - we need 3 days\week access to a somewhat clean lab with basic sink/fridge/labcoats etc. This is the least of the problems as there are a few places where we may be able to do it.


On Thursday, 11 August 2016 15:22:11 UTC+8, BigSteve wrote:
Hi Philip,

Thanks for reaching out! I've involved with the Artifactory group
The Biohack academy sounds amazing! What would it take to make it happen?

It sounds like there will be another Artifactory meet-up in September, it would be great to collaborate!


On Tuesday, 26 July 2016 11:08:14 UTC+8, Philip Wijesinghe wrote:
[cross-post from facebook]

Hi All. Anyone interested in a meetup in the near future? There seem to be 3-4 different diyBio/maker related groups and projects in Perth, running somewhat independently (and on different social media and team comms apps). It would be good to join in collective efforts.

Also, would anyone be keen on participating in the BiohackAcademy 2017 (~30Jan17 for 2.5 month), if I start looking at feasibility and sorting logistics to host it in Perth?

Also, anyone keen on doing the upcoming GovHack?


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