Re: [DIYbio] Anyone ever see electrophoresis where the gel was rolled?

On 03/17/2017 01:08 PM, John Griessen wrote:
> After making a spiral channel, fill with gel and any buffer wanted, then wipe or squeegee to get top edges
> dry. This could be done like litho printing and scale up. Next apply a film and bond it with pressure to seal in
> gel and insulate. Next connect terminals for volts and current. Terminals might be part of the 3D channels, or maybe bits of
> wire stabbed through top film in early tests. For terminals that are part of the 3D channels the film would cover them,
> and next they would be uncovered by laser-cutting such that the terminal conductors don't cut through, but the film does get
> blasted away to reveal a contact surface.

To get back to your desire to add buffer later, this might work: perforations in the top film could be made with the same laser
cutting used for electrophoresis contacts. The steps to infuse an array of gel rolls with a buffer solution could be:
1. lay a paper towel on it
2. apply buffer solution
3. wait x minutes for it to absorb
4. store in a zip lock bag.

This approach could make a mass produced gel roll array useful for many different buffers/conductivities. After 3D
printing the prototypes, a mold could make smoother spiral channels by injection molding. The small surface
lumps inherent in FDM 3D printing might not matter much
in macro sized 3D printed spiral channels, but 3DP gives pinholes that could be a leakage path for electrophoresis HV driven
current, and smoothness is essential as you go more micro in size.

John Griessen

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