[DIYbio] Re: Kickstarter Campaign for Polyfuge: A DIY Open-Source Microcentrifuge for Everyone

We are already 78% funded within the first 3 days of launch! If you are interested in DIY Biotechnology or affordable STEM experimentation please consider making a pledge to our Kickstarter campaign. 

Here are some extra details I did not mention in my original post. In terms of where the money will be used, a lot of our funding will go towards manufacturing simple circuit boards in order to make assembly easier for the general public. A lot of high school iGEM and BioBuilder teams out there would benefit from having a no-solder assembly experience, as it would simplify the building process immensely. 

We are also highly considering including a PCR tube strip rotor that can be easily mounted for convenience. Our current prototype already supports interchangeable rotors, so we would like to make use of this feature through including extra rotors (please feel free to give us suggestions on what rotor-types we should consider adding to the Polyfuge package). In the event that we do include different rotors, it will NOT alter the current price of $96. 

On Wednesday, August 2, 2017 at 7:28:11 PM UTC-4, Jason Wu wrote:
Hey everyone,

I've recently started a Kickstarter campaign for an affordable DIY microcentrifuge kit called Polyfuge. Polyfuge is a fully Arduino-based microcentrifuge that holds up to eight 1.5 mL eppendorf tubes, and can be assembled with M3 nuts and bolts alone. We see this centrifuge being very fit for classrooms and casual DIYbio enthusiasts (like most of you here) since it combines engineering in the assembly aspect with biotechnology in the application aspect. Please consider backing our campaign, as we only need $1,442 to get running and distribute Polyfuge everywhere! Thank you for your time!

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